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Unit 2-2138 E. Kent Ave. Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5P 4X2
Telephone:  (604) 321-2505 (home)  Fax:  (604) 321-2505
UBC Business Education Telephone:  (604) 822-4313

This is the home page of Dr. Adriana Zylmans, an independent educational consultant in business education.  Presently, I am a seconded instructor in the Curriculum Studies Department, Business Education, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada,   I am a former president of the British Columbia Business Education Association and currently a director of Haro Park Senior Care Facility, Vancouver, BC.  My leadership skills and research focus is in business education.  Recently I was appointed the chairperson of the WBITE Elementary Keyboarding Committee. Currently I am undertaking a research study on the integration of wireless technology in Business Education classrooms. The study is being conducted at Templeton Secondary School in Vancouver. The results of this study will be available by summer 2002. Recently I conducted a research study with elementary students using the Supertutor and formerly named the Keyboard Wizard 2.0. The results of this study are published on this site. Previously, I completed a qualitative research project on the implementation of technology in high schools in British Columbia. The results of this study are available on this site.


Supertutor/Keyboard Wizard 2.0 Research Study Results are available upon request to

Implementation of Technology in BC High Schools

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